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Canine clues: Dog genomes explored in effort to bring human cancer to heel

Joshua Schiffman had been searching for cancer-causing mutations in humans for years when his dog, Rhody, started limping in 2010. The shaggy Bernese mountain dog had histiocytic sarcoma, an aggressive tumor derived from immune cells. The condition, which can arise in various body parts such as the bone marrow and joints, is rare in humans but common in Rhody’s breed.
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Bugging out over Chagas: Bioluminescent protozoans and old drugs might help unravel kissing-bug disease

Carolina Batista watched the Bolivian children playing with the bugs that carry Chagas disease. The youngsters had no idea that their imaginary cars could also bear a parasite that might one day destroy their hearts.
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A dormant danger: New therapies target a ubiquitous pathogen known as cytomegalovirus

The promise of organ and tissue transplantation has become more fully realized in the last two decades. Since 1990, the yearly number of organ transplants in the US has nearly doubled, according to the Virginia-based United Network for Organ Sharing.
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Cannabinoid receptor with an "identity crisis" gets a second look

Five years ago, neuroscientist Ken Mackie of Indiana University in Bloomington called cannabinoid receptor 2 (CB2) “a cannabinoid receptor with an identity crisis”1. Throughout the previous two decades, researchers had reported conflicting results about the location of the receptor in the body, arguing in particular over its role in the central nervous system. The confusion dampened enthusiasm for CB2 as a drug target, even though preclinical work had shown it to have promise for illnesses ranging from liver fibrosis2 to Alzheimer’s disease3.
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