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An orchard blooms: Community members create community orchard in Riverside Gardens Park

A century ago, the “fine rich silt” around the lower San Lorenzo River produced some of the priciest pears in the country, according to a 1914 newspaper article. That San Lorenzo silt may soon bear fruit again, but this time, the fruit will be free.
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UC Santa Cruz scientists drill through ice into a new Antarctic world

Early in January, a jet of hot water broke through the last meter of ice in Antarctica’s largest ice shelf, opening a passageway into an unknown world. The jet was from a specially designed hot water drill, controlled by scientists half a mile above. Thus began a 10-day rush to gather as much data as possible before the hole in the ice froze shut, said Slawek Tulaczyk, a UC Santa Cruz professor and the project’s lead glaciologist.
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Rat poison killing bobcats and other wildlife

When a bobcat mother and her kitten curled up together on the UC Santa Cruz campus in early September, the kitten couldn't have known its mother was dying of rat poison. But Duane Titus noticed her lethargy and mangy fur, so he suspected that anticoagulants were making her bleed inside. "It's really hard to look at that and feel OK as a human knowing that we've probably had a hand in it," said Titus, a wildlife capture specialist with Wildlife Emergency Services, a nonprofit based in Moss Landing.
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Third poisoned bobcat found at UC Santa Cruz

Most people who saw the dead bobcat on the side of Empire Grade Road on Dec. 4 probably dismissed it as road kill. But now test results reveal that it may have been dying of anticoagulant rat poison even before it stumbled in front of a car. This is the third poisoned bobcat found on the UC Santa Cruz campus in four months.
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New Santa Cruz chocolate house serves a sip of history

From the malt machine to the 1940s-era stove, everything in Mutari Chocolate House and Factory holds echoes of history. Jazz music drifts from a record player while customers lounge on restored wooden furniture, sipping drinks inspired by old European chocolate houses.
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Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter teaches pet care to schoolchildren

A dozen fourth-graders sat on the floor at Calabasas Elementary School in Watsonville recently, watching a volunteer from the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter. “Everybody take your hand, and go like this toward your face.
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UCSC students advance to Hult Prize regionals

In September 2014, former President Bill Clinton issued a challenge to the world’s college students: Boost the opportunities of disadvantaged children through early childhood education. Three music majors from UC Santa Cruz rose to the challenge, advancing to the regional finals for a chance to win the $1 million Hult Prize.
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Goats clear way for new UCSC building

The sound of bleating filled a brushy meadow at the southwest corner of Santa Cruz this week. Goatherds ushered their charges down ramps from double-decker trailers, occasionally disentangling knobby bodies from baby-goat pileups. The goats will clear vegetation from about 22 acres to make way for construction at the UC Santa Cruz Coastal Science campus.
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UC Santa Cruz carbon fund jump starts climate action projects

What do you get when thousands of passionate college students brainstorm ways to combat climate change? Nothing, usually, unless one of those ideas is a funding system. The UC Santa Cruz Carbon Fund is a student-led initiative to get climate action projects off the ground. Now, the Carbon Fund committee has awarded its 2015 grants.
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